Video Institution: Permanente Medical Group--Walnut Creek CA

PG Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE): Ablation Technologies – RFA, Microwave, HIFU

Pascal Fuchshuber, MD RFA vs MWA–1:20 fundamental physics–2:13 deposition of energy–3:38 stages of RFA–5:20 tissue effect–6:46 RFA & dispersive electrode–9:24 indications for ablation–11:10 ablation risks–12 Keyword(s): biliary stricture, biloma, Bovie, dispersive electrode, hematoma, hemorrhage, hepatic abscess, impedence, liver necrosis, monopolar, MWA, palliative, RFA, skin burns, thermal energy, thermal injury, thermal spread, tissue ablation, unresectable lesion

Fundamentals for the Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE): Ultrasonic Energy Systems – Part 2

James Choi, M.D. CUSA–1:47 tissue fragmentation–3:57 tissue strength–5:20 irrigation–7:16 suction–9:40 cooling–10:35 pitfalls–13:12 Keyword(s): CUSA, liver surgery

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