Video Category: Telementoring And Remote Battlefield Surgery

Current Medical Capabilities of the US Military – TeleMentoring and Remote Battlefield Surgery

VADM Adam M. Robinson, Jr. MD, Surgeon General of the Navy Navy today–1:55 Navy medicine–4:18 concept of care framework–5:50 historic trauma care advancements–6:42 continuum of care–8:31 combat stress & mental health–9:43 Navy medicine priority re Keyword(s): amputation, battlefield, combat casualty care, combat stress, Cybertech cricothyrotomy kit, disaster response, mental health, military, Navy medicine, OEF, OIF, […]

Training and Practice Standards for Advanced Laparoscopy – TeleMentoring, Remote Battlefield Surgery

Christopher Schlachta, MD disclosures–1:04 overview–1:23 standard–1:45 access–2:03 computer assisted surgery–2:49 computer assisted systems–3:31 telementoring–4:42 telepresent surgery–5:41 teleremote surgery–6 Keyword(s): advanced laparoscopy, ATM imaging, CODEC, computer assisted surgery, computer assisted systems, da Vinci, digital surgery, IP imaging, open source robotics, QoS, teleconsultation, telemedicine, telementoring, telepresence, teleremote surgery, telerobotic surgery, ZEUS robotic surgical system

Advances in Trauma Care Training via Simulation – TeleMentoring and Remote Battlefield Surgery

COL Robert Rush, MD motto & mission–48 sec pre-deployment training venues–6:34 ATTC–10:20 fasciotomy–10:57 pitfalls in interdicting–15:18 interdiction points–15:24 refresher training–16:09 parallel apps Keyword(s): ATTC, BCT3, Cut Suit, fasciotomy, MSTC, simulation, trauma care training

Use of Remote Robotic Surgery-Live demonstration – TeleMentoring and Remote Battlefield Surgery

Gordon Wisbach, MD disclosures–1:21 telesurgery definition–1:25 Lindbergh operation–2:08 NEEMO–3:43 challenges–5:08 what’ Keyword(s): Aquarius, battlefield, da Vinci, InTouch RP-Vantage telemonitoring system, Lindbergh operation, military, NASA, NEEMO, remote presence surgery, sim lab, telecommunication, telemedicine, telemonitoring, telepresence, telerobotics, telesurgery, Zeus robotic surgical system

TeleMentoring in Medicine – TeleMentoring and Remote Battlefield Surgery

Ninh Nguyen, MD, Introduction: Robert Lim, MD telemedicine–1:25 teaching new techniques–2:13 current teaching modality–2;47 disadvantages of current teach models–4:00 telementoring–4:42 essential components of telemonitoring system–5:3 Keyword(s): FAME, gastric banding, GBP, general surgery, mentoring program, MIS, preceptorship, proctor, SAGES telementoring grant, SG, surgical fellowships, telecommunication, telemedicine, telementoring, telerobotic surgery, telerounding, VR

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