Video Category: Metabolic Surgery Symposium

The American Diabetes Association Guidelines: Sue Kirkman, M.D.

Metabolic Surgery Symposium: Current Status disclosures–15 sec ADA–22 sec standards of medical care–1:28 ADA recommendation grading–2:23 Keyword(s): ADA, bariatric surgery, diabetes, metabolic surgery, surgical tx

The Diabetes Surgery Summit Guidelines: Francesco Rubino, M.D.

Metabolic Surgery Symposium: Current Status disclosures–3 sec DSS publications–5 sec DSS background–43 sec http:// Keyword(s): ACS, ADA, ASMBS, clinical outcomes, diabetes control, diabetes surgery summit guidelines, DJ exclusion, DSS, EASD, gastrectomy, GI bypass surgery, GLP1, gluconeogenesis, glucose metabolism, hormonal regulation, IFSO, lap-band, lymphoma, metabolic surgery, NIH, surgical tx, T2DM

Mechanisms of Remission of Metabolic Disease: David Cummings, M.D.

Metabolic Surgery Symposium: Current Status GBP & the reversal of diabetes–6 sec Keyword(s): acylation-stimulating protein, adiponectin, anti-diabetic GI procedures, Asian Indians, bariatric surgery, BMI, Caucasians, COSMID trial, Cushings syndrome, CV risk, diabetes remission, diet-induced weight loss, DJ exclusion, DJB, endoluminal DJ sleeve, fasting glucose, fundus, ghrelin, GI Dynamics, GI surgery, glucose homeostasis, glycemia, […]

Effect of Bypass Procedures: Philip R. Schauer, M.D.

Metabolic Surgery Symposium: Current Status disclosures–9 sec metabolic surgery–10 sec ABCs of diabetes management–45 sec operations for severe obesity–1:28 RYGB–2:15 T2DM & BPD–3:42 Keyword(s): ADA, AGB, ASMBS BCOE program, BOLD, BPD, bypass procedures, conventional therapy, CV risk factors, fasting glucose, gastric banding, glycemic control, HbA1c, insulin, long-term mortality, LRYGB, medication cessation, metabolic disease, metabolic […]

Effect of Gastric Banding and Sleeve Gastrectomy on Metabolic Disease: Alfonso Torquati, M.D.

Metabolic Surgery Symposium: Current Status disclosures–39 sec bariatric mechanisms of weight loss–3:04 LAGB–4:00 adiponectin–7:29 leptin–8:08 GLP1 & GIP–8:39 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih Keyword(s): adiponectin, appetite suppression, bariatric surgery, blunted glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide secretion, caloric restriction, gastric banding, ghrelin, GIP, GLP1, gut hormone, hepatic adipocytokine expression, LAGB, leptin, metabolic disease, obesity, PYY, restrictive procedures, RYGB, SG, weight loss

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