Video Category: FES Roll-Out Session

Future of FES: Gerald Fried, M.D.

FES Roll-Out Session Keyword(s): cannulation, clinical performance, cognitive skills, competence, curriculum, didactics, endoscopy, FES, flex endo, GAGES, GI mentor II, hands-on skills, proctor, program director, simulation, surgical resident, surgical training, Symbionix

What is FES? Jeffrey M. Marks, M.D.

FES Roll-Out Session Keyword(s): ABS, ASGE, clinical skills, cognitive exam, colonoscopy, didactic, endoscopy, FES, GAGES, global assessment tool, hands-on skills test, peg transfer, polypectomy, proficiency, retroflexion, training, UE, VR simulator

Why Create FES? – Inspiration and Timeline: Brian J. Dunkin, M.D.

FES Roll-Out Session Keyword(s): ABS, ACS, DDW, FES, flex endo, FLS, GAGES, gastroenterology, GI Mentor II, MISTELS, simulator, skills test, Symbionix, task force, testing center, VR simulation

Current Requirements for Training in Flexible Endoscopy: John Mellinger, M.D.

FES Roll-Out Session Keyword(s): ACGME, ACS, APDS, ASGE, cannulation, colonoscopy, competence, conflict of interest, credentialing, EGD, endoscopy fellowship, endoscopy skills, ERCP, EUS, FES, flex endo, flex sig, FLS, gastroenterologists, gastroenterology core curriculum, Gastroenterology Leadership Council, inguinal hernia, mesh, proctoring, proficiency, RRC-S, rural surgeons, training

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