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Best Approach to Recurrent Inguinal Hernia: Abe Fingerhut, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course risk of recurrence–2:32 http://www.ncbi.n Keyword(s): anesthesia, chronic pain, complications, endoscopic herniorrhaphy, endoscopic TEP repair, groin hernia repair, hernia surgery, herniorrhaphies, lap repair, Lichtenstein repair, local anesthesia, recurrent inguinal hernia, reoperation, SSI

Chronic Pain Following Inguinal Hernia Repair: Archana Ramaswamy, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course disclosures–10 sec chronic groin pain–19 sec citation–3:00 fixation–9:02 tx algorithm–14:08 conclusion–16:07 Keyword(s): absorbable tacks, chronic pain, dx lap, fibrin sealant, ileoinguinal nerve entrapment, inguinal hernia repair, lap repair, lightweight mesh, mesh fixation, neuralgia, neuropathic pain, NSAIDs, numbness, open hernia repair, osteitis pubis, pain management, parasthesia, polyester mesh, polypropylene mesh, recurrent […]

Ventral Hernia in the Morbidly Obese Patient: Yuri Novitsky, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course disclosures–13 sec preop considerations–57 sec obesity–5:18 technique–8:41 citation–9:25 contraindicat Keyword(s): abdominal wall defects, autologous tissue reconstruction, bariatric patient, biologic mesh, component separation, fascial component separation, laparoscopy, LVHR, morbidly obese, nonobese, onlay, primary repair, RYGB, SG, staged repair, standard of care, synthetic mesh, ventral incisional hernia, VHR

Options in the Management of Infected Abdominal Wall Mesh: Brent Matthews, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course disclosures–4 sec objectives–5 sec citations–1:06 http://www. Keyword(s): abdominal surgery, abdominal wall abscess, abdominal wall defects, acellular dermal matrix, bowel resection, complex hernias, EC fistula, elective hernia repair, enterotomy, infected abdominal wall mesh, intraperitoneal polypropylene mesh hernia repair, laparoscopy, laparotomy, mesh erosion, mesh infection, open ABD, pedicled tensor fascia lata […]

Biological Mesh for Paraesophageal Hernia Repair: Steven P. Bowers, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course mesh hiatoplasty–13 sec citations–1:43 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih. Keyword(s): bioglue, biologic mesh, biologic prosthesis, buttress, Collis gastroplasty, endoscopy, esophagectomy, GERD, HH, hiatal fibrosis, hiatus, mesh complications, mesh hiatoplasty, mesh repair, Nissen fundoplication, onlay, PEHR, permanent mesh, pledget, polypropylene mesh, prosthetic reinforcement, PTFE, recurrence, redo, reoperation

LVHR: Dealing with Complications – Pradeep Chowbey, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course access injuries–43 sec bleeding–4:22 inadvertent gut injuries–4:37 visceral injuries–5:38 conversion–6:03 mesh related complications–9:22 recurrence–9:44 seromas–11:11 chronic pain–11 Keyword(s): abdominal distention, access injuries, adhesions, bladder injury, bleeding, chronic pain, complications, compression bandage, conversion, enterotomy, fibrin sealant, gut injuries, local anesthesia, LVHR, mesh infection, nerve block, recurrence, SBO, seromas, trocar site hernias, US, […]

Hernias in Difficult Locations: Flank, Supra-pubic, Sub-xyphoid: Alfredo Carbonell, D.O.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course disclosures–16 sec atypical hernias–17 sec sub-xiphoid hernia technique–1:24 suprapubic hernia technique–7:25 bone anchors–19:41 Keyword(s): atypical hernias, bean bag, bone anchors, CABG, flank, Foley, incisional hernia repair, lumbar hernia, LVHR, mesh, mesh fixation, pericardial window, Pfannenstiel, sub-xiphoid hernia, suprapubic hernias, suture fixation, tacks, TAPP

Biological Meshes – Indications and Shortcomings: Gina Adrales, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course disclosures–7 sec classification–44 sec degradation & remodeling–2:01 crosslinking–2:37 video clip–3:28 citation–4:23 contaminated fields–5:48 Keyword(s): abdominal hernia repair, abdominal wall reconstruction, acellular human dermis, acellular matrix, acellular porcine dermal collagen, biological mesh, bridging repair, cadaveric dermis, chronic groin pain, complex abdominal wall defects, complex ventral hernia repair, components separation, contaminated field, […]

Loss of Domain – Definition and Management: Michael Rosen, M.D.

Challenging Hernias Postgraduate Course objectives–23 sec definitions–46 sec proposed classification system–1:26 effects of loss of domain–2:50 reasons not to repair–3:14 loss of abdominal domain–5:10 noncontaminated case option Keyword(s): abdominal compartment syndrome, abdominal domain, bariatric procedure, biologic mesh, component separation, gastrochisis, Gortex, incisional hernia, LVHR, morbid obesity, parastomal hernia, PTFE mesh, silo technique, Stoppa technique, synthetic […]

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