Video Author: Thompson C

Magnetic Entero-enteral Bypass for Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome

Presented by David B Lautz at the SS27: Plenary 2 Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy for Refractory Dysphagia after Heller Myotomy

Presented by Eleanor Fung at the SS08: Flexible Endoscopy Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Suturing and More: Magnetic Bypass

Title: Suturing and More: Magnetic Bypass Presenter: Christopher Thompson, MD Session: Postgraduate Course: The Skinny on New Weight Loss Techniques AUDITORIUM SAGES 2016 Keyword(s): bile, blind limb, BMI, BPD-DS, diabetes, endolumenal anastomosis, endoscopic therapy, entero-enteral bypass, enteroscopy, fluoro, fluoroscopic guidance, gastric emptying, GLP-1, HbA1c, IAS FIM, IC valve, incisionless anastomotic system, incretin, insulin, ligament of […]

Impactions, Bezoars, Marginal Ulcers

Presented by Dean Mikami, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Endoscopic Management of Bariatric Complications endoscopy to treat complications–25 sec endoscopy tool box–42 sec normal anastomosis gastric bypass with citation–2:40 severe stricture–3:22 e Keyword(s): 15 mm balloon, ABD, absorbable suture, acid reflux, acid suppression, acute obstruction, airway, airway control, alcohol, anastomosis, anastomotic […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Diagnosis and Treatment – What’s the Future

Christopher Thompson, M.D. disclosures–27 sec emerging endoscopic techniques–1:05 EMR/ESD–1:30 tools of the trade–2:46 endoluminal antireflux–6:13 obesity–6:23 suturing–6 Keyword(s): ablation, achalasia, Apollo, balloon dilation, BD, Beacon endoscopic, biosensor, cannulation, cap technique, CRC, DDW, direct drive, dissection, EMR, endoluminal antireflux procedures, endoscopic techniques, endoscopy, Endostitch, ERCP, ESD, ethanol, EUS, Ex Lumina, fluorescein, foreign body removal, freehand […]


Pichamol Jirapinyo, Christopher C Thompson, MD marginal ulceration–28 sec standard of care–42 sec case presentation–1:05 emerging technology–1:56 e Keyword(s): Carafate, EGD, endoscopic suturing, endoscopic suturing device, GI bleed, H. pylori, marginal ulcer, melena, minimally invasive, PPI, RYGBP, stomal ulcer, surgical revision

Endolumenal Pouch and Anastomosis Reduction: Christopher Thompson, M.D.

Bariatric PG: New Tech/Revisions/Endolumenal/Single Port Access Surgery disclosures–23 sec background–33 sec weight regain–54 sec dx–1:25 endolumenal solutions for weight regain–2:31 Keyword(s): anastomosis reduction, APC, bariatric revsion, EGD, EndoCinch, endolumenal pouch, endoluminal staplers, endoscopic intraluminal suture plication, endoscopy, fibrin glue, fistula, gastric leaks, gastric pouch, gastric stoma, GBP, GERD, GGF, GJ, GJ anastomotic dilation, […]

Gastric pouch and stoma reduction using a novel endoscopic device: The Endosurgical Operating System

Author: Daniel K. Mullady Keyword(s): EOS, gastric pouch, plication, ROSE, stoma reduction, upper endoscopy

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