Impactions, Bezoars, Marginal Ulcers


Presented by Dean Mikami, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Endoscopic Management of Bariatric Complications

endoscopy to treat complications–25 sec
endoscopy tool box–42 sec
normal anastomosis gastric bypass with citation–2:40
severe stricture–3:22

Keyword(s): 15 mm balloon, ABD, absorbable suture, acid reflux, acid suppression, acute obstruction, airway, airway control, alcohol, anastomosis, anastomotic ulcers, anatomy, angularis of the stomach, Apollo endosurgery, aspirate, balloon dilate, balloon dilators, barbs, bariatric surgeons, bezoars, blockages, Bougie, bread impaction, bx forceps, bx jaws, chair of endoscopic bariatric lab, circular stapled technique, complaints, complete resolution, complications, conduit, contrast, Covidien consultant, cytoprotective therapy, de novo gastroesophageal reflex disease symptoms, device, dietary regimen, different modalities, dilation techniques, dual channel scope, dual lumen channel scope, dual lumen scope, dx & tx, dysphagia, EGD, elective endoscopy, endo-grasper with teeth, endo-loops, endo-nets, endo-shears, endoluminal bariatric procedures, endoscopic balloon dilatation, endoscopic clip, endoscopic covered stent placement, endoscopic management of bariatric complications, endoscopic scissors, endoscopic stenting, endoscopic tx, endoscopic tx protocol, endoscopy, endoscopy suite, endsocopy tool box, eroded band, eroded bands, eroded silastic band, esophageal stenting, evaluate anastomosis, evaluate lumen, fluids, fluids consumption, fluoro, food, food bezoar, food impaction sleeve gastrectomy, food impactions, food regurgitation, foreign body impaction, full liquid diet, fully covered Nitinol stent, gallstones, gastric anastomosis, gastric bypass, gastric bypass surgery, gastric fistula, gastric motility, gastric pouch, gastrotomy, GEJ, GI colleague, GI service, goal size, Gore consultant, grasper, graspers, healing, healing with recurrence, high risk of aspiration, history, ileocecal valve, impacted sleeve, impaction, impactions, incidence, incisura, induction, jagwire, large gastric pouch, large marginal ulcers, leak, linear stapled technique, LSG, male, marginal ulcers, materials, meat bolus, meat impaction, migration rates, MU, multiple endoscopic attempts, multivariate analysis, N&V, net, no significant difference, non-absorbable sutures, non-healing, NSAIDs, obstruction, off label use, ongoing dysphagia, op notes, over sewing ulcer bed, over tube, over tubes, over-sewing ulcer bed, OverStitch device, pain, paper clip, patient education, patient selection, perforate, permanent sutures, persistent ulcer, piece meal, pills, plum seeds, PPI, preparation, presentation, protonics, psi, push food through, push through, pyloric balloon, referring physician, removal of foreign bodies, research grant, rings, risk factors, Roth net, Roux-en-Y, S/P, SAGES 2013 poster, saliva, SB, sedation issues, severe stricture, significant risk factor, silastic band, single lumen scope, sleeve, sleeve gastrectomy, sleeve gastrectomy stenosis, smoking, solid diet, solid food, solids, speaker, stent migration, stent removal, stenting, stenting case, stepwise dilation, stoma, stomal stenosis, stricture at angularis, stricture downstream, stricture point, strictured sleeve, strictures, sucralfate, symptomatic, symptoms, tobacco, transitioning, twisted sleeve, twisting sleeve, type II diabetes, UGI, ulcer rates, univariate analysis, upper endoscopy, wire fixation, wire-guided

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