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Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Discussion and Endoscopic Clip

Klaus Thaler, M.D. and Debbie Youngelman, M.D. Keyword(s): ablation, balloon dilator, BE, endoscopic resection, endoscopy, foregut disease, foreign body retrieval, fundoplication, GEJ, HGD, laparoscopic fellowship, mucosal tattoo, NOTES, polypectomy, reflux, RFA, snare

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Diagnosis and Treatment – What’s the Future

Christopher Thompson, M.D. disclosures–27 sec emerging endoscopic techniques–1:05 EMR/ESD–1:30 tools of the trade–2:46 endoluminal antireflux–6:13 obesity–6:23 suturing–6 Keyword(s): ablation, achalasia, Apollo, balloon dilation, BD, Beacon endoscopic, biosensor, cannulation, cap technique, CRC, DDW, direct drive, dissection, EMR, endoluminal antireflux procedures, endoscopic techniques, endoscopy, Endostitch, ERCP, ESD, ethanol, EUS, Ex Lumina, fluorescein, foreign body removal, freehand […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Training of Advanced Surgical Endoscopist

Melina Vassiliou, M.D. citation–1:11 factors to consider–2:11 simulation role in advanced endoscopy training–6:57 GAGES–8: Keyword(s): ABS, advanced endoscopy, advanced surgical endoscopist, ASGE, assessment, clinical outcome measures, colonoscopy, competence, endoscopic surgery, ERCP, fellowship, FES, flex endo, FLS certification, GAGES, GI bleed, GI disease, GI fellows, GI Mentor, GI training, learning curve, MIS, polypectomy, residency […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Practice Set Up

John Mellinger, M.D. fundamentals of privileging–1:07 competence–2:57 credentialing–5:26 ASGE guidelines–6:08 GI society position statement–6:40 Keyword(s): AASLD, ABS, ACG, AGA, ASGE, assessment, biliopancreatic endoscopy, colon screening, colonoscopy, credentialing, EGD, endoscopic practice, endoscopic skills, ERCP, esophagectomy, EUS, flex endo, GAGES, gastroenterologist, gastroenterology curriculum, Gastroenterology Leadership Council, GI fellows, learning curve, PEG, privileging, proficiency, program director, recertification, […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Endoscopic Treatment of Barretts

Steven R. DeMeester, M.D. disclosures–22 sec BE incidence–30 sec HGD–1:18 issues to consider–2:25 endotherapy candidates–2:44 low risk submucosal invasion–3:31 http://www. Keyword(s): AIM II, BE, cryospray ablation, CSA Medical, depth of invasion, EGD, en-bloc resection, endoscopic resection, endoscopic tx, endotherapy, esophageal adenocarcinoma, esophagectomy, EUS, Halo 360, HGD, IM, intramucosal cx, lap Nissen, LGD, LN metastases, […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Discussion

Debbie Youngelman, M.D. Keyword(s): abscess, ASMBS, balloon dilation, bariatric management, BMI, Bougie, colonic anastomotic leaks, diabetes, diverting ileostomy, dysphagia, endoluminal therapies, gas bloat syndrome, GJ leak, guidewire, hiatal defect, LES, liquid diet, minimally invasive, Nissen fundoplication, peritonitis, pt selection, reflux, RFA, SG, staged procedure, stent, Stretta, T2DM, TIF

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Treatment of GERd, Barrett’s and Weight Loss

W. Scott Melvin, M.D. disclosures–34 sec options for GERD–1:09 Stretta–3:10 citation–4:56 long term data–6:43 Keyword(s): AGA, antisecretory drugs, BE, CPT, DDW, diaphragmatic hernias, EMR, Endocinch, endoluminal therapies, endoscopic suturing, endoscopic therapies, endoscopy, endoscopy suite, esophageal cx, Esophyx, GA, gastric volume reduction, GEJ, GERD, GI surgeon, heartburn, HGD, LES, lifestyle modification, Mederi Therapeutics, medical […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Endoscopic Management of Strictures

Bipan Chand, M.D. disclosures–27 sec objectives–31 sec strictures–53 sec etiology–2:55 stricture dilation techniques–4:02 Bougies–4:56 h Keyword(s): absorbable stents, achalasia, airway, anastomotic strictures, aspiration, balloon dilation, bariatric surgery, benign disease, bleeding, covered stents, CRE, dysphagia, electrocautery, electroincision, endoscopic management, endoscopic stents, endoscopy, esophageal cx, esophageal strictures, fluoroscopy, foregut surgery, gastric surgery, gastrografin swallow, gastrojejunal strictures, […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Endoscopic Treatment of Weight Loss

Dean Mikami, M.D. disclosures–1:20 obesity & diabetes–1:26 current bariatric surgery–2:06 primary endoluminal procedures–2:28 GVDD–3:00 gastric bubble–3:56 BIB–4:55 Keyword(s): AGB, balloon, Bard Restore suturing system, bariatric surgery, BIB, butterfly, CCK, DS, Endobarrier, EndoCinch, endoscopic tx, endoscopy, esophageal stent, EWL, full sense bariatric device, Garren-Edwards Gastric Bubble, gastric volume reduction, GVDD, low calorie diet, methylene blue, […]

Endoscopy for Surgeons PG: Endoscopic Treatment of Complications After GI Surgery

Brent Miedema, M.D. disclosures–23 sec outline–38 sec GI surgery complications–1:09 endoscopic tx–1:27 technologic innovation–1:54 covered stents–2:26 Alimaxx stent–2:55 stent placement technique–3:26 GJ Keyword(s): Alimaxx stent, Alveolus Inc., anastomotic leaks, benign disease, bleeding, Boston Scientific Polyflex stent, Boston Scientific Wallflex stent, colonic fistula, colonic leaks, colonic stricture, colonic surgery, colonoscopy, contamination, contrast study, covered stents, ECF, […]

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