Surgery in the Obese Patient: Bariatric Surgery and Tips and Tricks for Surgery in the Morbidly Obes


Faculty includes: Valerie Halpin, MD (Chair); Nicole Fearing, MD; Matthew Goldblatt, MD; Sachin Kukreja, MD

Keyword(s): 100 mm trocars, anastomotic leaks, anticolic anastomosis, band erosion, band slippage, bariatric surgery emergencies, bleeding, buttressing material, DVT prophylaxis, dysphagia, EGD, endoscope, endoscopic dilation, endoscopy, fibrin glue, footboard, gastrografin, GJ strictures, H. pylori, hematemesis, HH, internal hernias, JJ, LAGB, linear stapler, LOS, LSG, marginal ulcers, mesh, non-bariatric surgeon, nutritional deficiencies, obese, Phenergan, PNV, portal vein thrombosis, RYGB, SBO, Seamguard, sleep apnea, smoking, split leg, transgastric, trocar site hernia, UGI, weight loss, wound protector, Zofran

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