Incidence, Mechanisms, And Outcomes Of Esophageal And Gastric Perforation During Laparoscopic Foregu


S067 – Linda P Zhang, MD, Ronald Chang, BA, Brent D Matthews, MD, Michael Awad, MD, Bryan Meyers, MD, J. Chris Eagon, MD, L. Michael Brunt, MD

background–16 sec
aim–43 sec
Q&A session–5:24

Keyword(s): abdominal reoperation, EGD, endoscopy, esophageal perf, esophagus, full thickness, gastric perf, HVC, IR intervention, lap foregut surgery, lap Heller myotomy, lap PEH repair, lap redo HH, LARS, leak, revisional surgery, seromuscular tear, stomach, wrap takedown

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