Hiatal Hernia Hill IV


This video demonstrates a hiatal hernia as a pouch like area just distal to the squamocolumnar junction above the diaphragm. The gastroscope is then passed into the stomach where the hiatal hernia is better visualized with a retroflexed view. A widely patulous hiatal opening and the abnormal gastroesophageal flap valve is seen. The gastroesophageal area is open with a significant amount of space around the instrument. Moreover, the squamocolumnar junction can be seen through all phases of respiration.

Video donated to the SAGES Video Atlas of Endoscopy by Jose Martinez, J Andres Astudillo

Keyword(s): gastroscope, GE flap valve, hiatal hernia hill IV, patulous hiatal opening, pouch, respiration, retroflexed view, squamocolumnar junction, stomach

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