Facilitated Delayed Closure Of Open Abdomen In Septic Patients Combining Negative Pressure Assisted


S022 – René H Fortelny, MD, Alexander H Petter-Puchner, MD, Simone Gruber-Blum, MD, Andreas Gaderer, MD, Karl S Glaser, MD

running suture closure technique–1:27
Q&A session–5:49

Keyword(s): aponeurosis, approximation, button holes, delayed closure, dynamic fascial suture, frozen ABD, intercutaneous fistula, monofilament suture, Monomax, negative pressure assisted closure, NPWT, OA, onlay mesh reinforcement, PDS, rectus muscles, running suture closure technique, secondary closure, septic, standard of care, STSG, suture tension, vessel loops, visiting RN

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