ERPs in Bariatric Surgery – The 23 Hour Sleeve Gastrectomy


Presented by Rajesh Aggarwal, MD at the SAGES 2014 Annual Meeting; Enhanced Recovery Postgraduate Course

systematic review of ERPs in bariatric surgery–1:24
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Keyword(s): admission, age, Annals of Surgery, anti-thrombotic therapy, antibiotic therapy, bariatric surgeons, bariatric surgery, BJS, BMI, case comparison, case series, co-morbidities, cohort, colorectal surgery, control pts, cost reduction, cost savings, data acquisition, discharge, discharge criteria, discussion, DM, drain placement, drain removal, enhanced recovery, enoxaparin, epidural analgesia, EROS, EROS protocol, ERP, extubation, focus group, GB, graph, incentive spirometry, incidence, inclusion criteria, internal hernia, IV fluid drip, landmark paper, lap sleeve, leak test, learning curve, LGB, long-term follow-up strategies, LOS, LRYGBP, male, methylene blue dye, mobilization, multidisciplinary team, multivariate analysis, NGT, North America, objectification, oral fluids, oral food intake, OSA, outpt, PACU, physiotherapy, post-op complications, pre-op assessment, pre-op carbohydrate loading, prospective database, pt education, RCT, readmission rates, residents, SG, single institution study, standard care, standard procedure types, surgical feat, surgical landmark, systematic review, urine catheter, weight reduction

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