Difficult technical steps and technical mishaps during laparoscopic pancreas surgery


Presented by Horacio J. Asbun, MD at the SAGES/AHPBA – Minimally Invasive HPB

overview–26 sec
pt positioning & port placement–1:30
surgical technique–1:47

Keyword(s): 3 mm head/5 mm shaft needle driver, 5-0 Vicryl TF, AHPBA, arcade, bulldog, CBD, choledochojejunostomy, duodenal division, exposure, finger retractor, gastrocolic trunk of Henle, GDA, hepaticojejunostomy, hepatoduodenal ligament, HPB, Kocher maneuver, ligament of Treitz, LN 8A, minimally invasive, obese, pancreatectomy, pancreatic neck division, pancreaticoduodenectomy, pancreaticojejunostomy, parenchyma, PD, post pyloric duodenojejunostomy, radial margin, RB-1, RRD, SMV-PV trunk, specimen removal, split leg position, transverse colon, Triangle of Calot, ultrasonic shears, uncinate

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