Video Category: Minimally Invasive HPB: SAGES/AHPBA Panel

Panel discussion: Liver

Moderated by Dr. Asbun at the SAGES/AHPBA Panel: Minimally Invasive HPB Keyword(s): AHPBA, air embolus, argon, chemotherapy, cirrhosis, da Vinci, embolism, hepatitis, HPB, liver resection, microemboli, minimally invasive, neoadjuvant therapy, parenchyma, TEE

Liver surgery: When to do it open, When to do it laparoscopic, When hybrid?

Presented by Go Wakabayashi, MD at the SAGES/AHPBA – Minimally Invasive HPB various ways of LR–1:20 procedural video–2:05 bleeding control in lap hepatectomy–6:10 merits & demerits in endoscopic surgery–8:10 lap-assisted donor right hepatectomy video–8:39 why pu Keyword(s): AHPBA, CO2 embolism, HCC, hepatectomy, HPB, hybrid, laparotomy, LLR, minimally invasive, parenchyma

Outcomes of laparoscopic liver surgery

Presented by David Geller, MD at the SAGES/AHPBA – Minimally Invasive HPB citations–31 sec comparative studies–3:27 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih Keyword(s): chemotherapy, cirrhosis, Clavien-Dindo classifcation, CRC, HCC, HCV, hemihepatectomy, hepatic resection, lap-assisted, liver disease, liver lobectomy, liver surgery, LLR, LLS, malignancy, metastases, minimally invasive, OLR, ORANGE II trial, RFA, segmentectomy, TLLR

Panel Discussion – Pancreas

Presented by Horacio J. Asbun, MD and Craig P. Fischer, MD and moderated by Dr. Mahvi at the SAGES/AHPBA – Minimally Invasive HPB Keyword(s): advanced lap skills, AHPBA, chemotherapy, cross clamping, HPB, hybrid, minimally invasive, neoadjuvant therapy, pancreas, pancreatectomy, pancreaticojejunostomy, portal vein reconstruction, portal vein resection, robotic surgery, SMA, SMV, Whipple, XRT

Difficult technical steps and technical mishaps during laparoscopic pancreas surgery

Presented by Horacio J. Asbun, MD at the SAGES/AHPBA – Minimally Invasive HPB overview–26 sec pt positioning & port placement–1:30 surgical technique–1:47 Keyword(s): 3 mm head/5 mm shaft needle driver, 5-0 Vicryl TF, AHPBA, arcade, bulldog, CBD, choledochojejunostomy, duodenal division, exposure, finger retractor, gastrocolic trunk of Henle, GDA, hepaticojejunostomy, hepatoduodenal ligament, HPB, Kocher maneuver, ligament […]

Complications of open pancreas surgery: Current data

Presented by David Mahvi, MD at the SAGES/AHPBA – Minimally Invasive HPB disclosures–1:13 overview–1:22 preventing leaks–2:27 grades of leaks-3:42 modifiable risk factors–6:18 Keyword(s): ABXs, adjuvant therapy, AHPBA, DM, failure to thrive, hernia, intracorporeal anastomosis, invagination, MIS, octreotide, pancreas surgery, pancreatectomy, pancreatic duct, pancreatic leak, pancreatic resection, QOL, readmission, reoperation, stenting, stomach, Whipple, wound infection

Complications of laparoscopic pancreas surgery: Current data

Presented by Craig P. Fischer, MD at the SAGES/AHPBA – Minimally Invasive HPB intro–4:30 citation–8:44 citation–10:50 conclusion–13:29 Keyword(s): Accordion Severity Grading System, AHPBA, Annals of Surgery, ductal adenocarcinoma, HPB, ISGPF, lap distal pancreatectomy, MIS, pancreatic surgery, pancreaticoduodenectomy, SSAT, Whipple

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