Source: 2009 Annual Meeting

Indications for surgery in the pediatric population

Laparoscopic Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Technical Issues Points of significance: Goals of therapy 1:46 Indications for surgery 2:11 Opportunities for single stage 3:19 Fertility in women 3:39 Fecal incontinence 5:12 Keyword(s): anal canal, Dentate line, fecal incontinence, fertility in women, Hirschsprung disease, indeterminate colitis, mucosectomy, pelvic abscess, pouchitis, steroid dependence, straight pull-through

Hand-assist vs. laparoscopic restorative proctocolectomy

Laparoscopic Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Technical Issues Will need to add this link for the reference that was cited: Points of interest: advantages of laparoscopic colorectal surgery–29 sec HALS–1:55 Handport–3:26 Gelport–3:48 Lapdisc–4:03 straight laparoscopic RPC–6:45 hybrid laparoscopic RPC–7:03 HALS technique–7:33 HALS vs laparoscopic RPC–10:05 utilization of HALS device–11:12 Keyword(s): anastamosis, conversion rate, cosmesis, […]

NOTES: World Experience

Session – SAGES/ALACE International Joint Symposium – Manoel Galvao Neto disclosures–7 sec citation–2:30 transvaginal access–2:57 http://www.ncbi.nlm Keyword(s): colpotomy, endoscopic peritoneoscopy, hybrid NOTES transvaginal SG, LC, NOTES, PEG, peritoneoscopy, scarless surgery, T-NOTES, TG access, transluminal CCX, transumbilical approach, transvaginal approach, TV CCX, video-assisted

Training and Education for MIS

Session – SAGES/ALACE International Joint Symposium – Alberto Chousleb citations–1:04 Keyword(s): advanced MIS, angioplasty patch, aorto-renal bypass, laparoscopic microsurgery, laparoscopic skills training, microphotography, microsurgical skills, operative performance, OR, skill acquisition, surgical education, surgical resident, surgical skills lab, training model, urology residents, vascular anastomosis

Trauma and Minimally Invasive Surgery: Our Experience

Session – SAGES/ALACE International Joint Symposium – Jesus Vasquez citations–1:16 Keyword(s): ABD, abdominal trauma, argon beam coagulator, diaphragm, diaphragmatic hernia, digital exploration, dx lap, exploratory lap, fibrin glue, hemothorax, intraparenchymal abdominal hemorrhage, lap surgery, laparotomy, MIS, penetrating injuries, peritoneal lavage, polypropylene mesh, splenorrhaphy, stab wounds, thoracoscopic evacuation, thoracoscopic pericardial window, thoracoscopy, trauma, […]

Biliary Pancreatitis

Session – SAGES/ALACE International Joint Symposium – Juan Acosta Keyword(s): acute biliary pancreatitis, decompression, ERCP, sphincterotomy, stone impaction

Lights, Instruments, Access! Single Incision Surgery

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Paul Curcillo II disclosures–48 sec Keyword(s): NOTES, SPA

Tools on the Horizon: Deployable Instruments, Magnets, and Purpose-built Platforms

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Daniel Scott single site limitations–45 sec current solutions–1:25 evolution of techniques–1:57 deployable instruments–2:19 MAGS–3:45 purpose-built platforms– Keyword(s): articulating instruments, Boston Scientific Direct Drive, da Vinici robot, deployable instruments, deployable tissue retractor, EndoGrab, laparoendoscopic, magnetic retraction, magnets, MAGS, nephrectomy, NOTES, obese, porcine model, reduced port surgery, Shapelock, SILS CCX, […]

Single Incision Lap Chole: Retractable, Operative Strategives, and Safety

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Homero Rivas disclosures–39 sec agenda–44 sec technique–1:00 challenges with SILS–2:10 SILC–2:55 implementing single site surgery in your practice–14:00 innovative opportunities–15:01 Keyword(s): Keith needle, operative strategies, pt selection, reduced port surgery, retraction, robotic platform, safety, SILC

Single Incision Lap Nissen: It is a Single Site Wrap

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Alex Rosemurgy Keyword(s): antireflux surgery, CCX, flexible tip camera, HH, LESS surgery, multiport trocar, scarless surgery, SILC, Toupet fundoplication

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