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Biologic Meshes for Ventral Hernia Repair – Do They Work?

PG Hernia Course – John Roth disclosures–53 sec objectives–55 sec VH & incisional hernias–1:12 Keyword(s): abdominal defects, abdominal wall compliance, abdominal wall defects, abdominal wall reconstruction, absorbable mesh, acellular dermal matrix, Alloderm, allografts, BioA, biologic grafts, biologic mesh, bridging, collagenase, components separation, contaminated field, crosslinking, decellularization, EC fistula, ECM remodelling, faux biologic mesh, […]

Laparoscopic verses Open Inguinal Hernia Repair:

PG Hernia Course – Michael Holzman ideal method of hernia repair–1:59 evaluating studies–2:43 MRC lap groin hernia trial–3:52 Keyword(s): bilateral hernia, cost-utility analysis, Department of Veterans Affairs, health care reform, hernia repair, incarcerated scrotal hernia, inguinal hernia, learning curve, Lichtenstein repair, mesh, morbidly obese, MRC lap groin hernia trial group, numbness, postop pain, […]

Metallic Constructs: Absorbable Fixation Devices and Sealants for Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair

PG Hernia Course – Kent Kercher disclosures–22 sec LVHR–32 sec mesh fixation–1:27 tacks & sutures–1:48 options for mesh fixation–3:17 operative time–5:37 Keyword(s): abdominal wall defects, absorbable fixation devices, AbsorbaTack, adhesion formation, atypical hernias, biologic glue, Bupivicaine, cyanoacrylate glue, double-crown technique, fibrin glue, hydroxyproline, IHR, intraabdominal placement, lap repair, LVHR, mesh fixation, metallic constructs, […]

Clinical Assessment of Absorbable Barrier Coated Meshes

PG Hernia Course – Brent Matthews disclosures–15 sec citations–16 sec http://www.ncbi.nlm.n Keyword(s): abdominal surgery, absorbable barrier coated mesh, adhesiolysis, adhesions, AHS, biomaterial, C-Qur, cellulose, clinical assessment, composite mesh, DUALMESH, EC fistula, elective hernia repair, enterotomy, hernia recurrence, incisional hernia, intraperitoneal placement, laparoscopy, mesh contraction, mesh repair, Parietex Composite, polyester mesh, polypropylene mesh, Proceed, […]

Is Watchful Waiting Suitable for Minimally Symptomatic Ventral Incisional Hernias

PG Hernia Course – Robert Fitzgibbons disclosures–51 sec citation–2:00 citation–5:40 biologic prosthesis–8:08 Keyword(s): biologic prosthesis, bowel obstruction, elective herniorraphy, incarcerated abdominal hernias, natural hx, observation, peritoneal dialysis, SSAT, stomal hernia repair, strangulation, Sugarbaker technique, ventral incisional hernias, watchful waiting

Is Lightweight Mesh Appropriate for All Inguinal and Ventral Hernia Repairs

PG Hernia Course – Kristi Harold definitions–2:18 downside of heavyweight mesh–3:46 polypropylene mesh–4:31 Keyword(s): abdominal stiffness, abdominal wall repair, biological response, bridging fibrosis, chronic pain, composite mesh, foreign body reaction, granuloma, groin pain, heavyweight mesh, hernia recurrence, incisional hernia, inguinal hernia repair, intraabdominal pressures, lightweight mesh, Marlex, mesh erosion, mesh shrinkage, paraethesia, Parietex, […]

Therapeutic Colonoscopy: Polypectomy and Bleeding

PG Flexible Endoscopy Course – Connor Delaney polypectomy–32 sec hot bx–1:13 video clip–2:06 snare polypectomy–3:32 selection criteria–4:22 video clip–6:38 lesion localization–11:14 tissue Keyword(s): anoscope, APC, bipolar coagulation, cold bx, colonic bleeding, CRC, EMR, endoclips, endoscopy, epi, Ethicon, GI bleed, glycine, grounding pad, heater probe, hot bx, piecemeal excision, polypectomy, radiation proctitis, saline lift, snare, […]

Diagnotistic Colonoscopy

PG Flexible Endoscopy Course – Tonia Young-Fadok diagnostic colonoscopy–23 sec indications–58 sec preparation–1:12 techniques–1:40 video clip–4:31 summary–15:32 Keyword(s): clinical guidelines, CRC screening, descending colon, diagnostic colonoscopy, diverticulosis, DRE, IBD, ileocecal valve, perianal lesions, sigmoid colon, spastic colon, splenic flexure, surveillance, transverse colon

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Upper Endoscopy: Management of Bleeding

PG Flexible Endoscopy Course – Edward Lin UGI bleeding causes–17 sec PU bleeding–42 sec citation–1:56 endoscopy prep–2:58 scopes–4:37 endoscopic therapeutic modalities–5:09 epi injection- Keyword(s): adherent clots, APC, aspirin therapy, AVM, balloon endoscopy, BICAP probe, biliary colic, Boston Scientific, BP limb, Cameron erosions, colonoscope, combination therapy, Cook Medical, Dieulafoys lesion, duodenal ulcer, EGD, endoscopic therapy, […]

C. difficile Colitis: What the Surgeon Should Know

PG Colon Course – Rocco Ricciardi C. diff–27 sec trend changes–2:24 Keyword(s): antibody response, bowel prep, C. diff colitis, CD, CDC, clinical severity score, CMS, community-acquired, cytotoxins, diarrhea, disease severity, donor stool, end ileostomy, enema, epidemic, Flagyl, fulminant pseudomembranous colitis, gastric acid-suppressive agents, hospital-acquired, IBD, immunoglobulins, lactate, laparoscopy, Malecot, Medicare reimbursement, mucous […]

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