Video Institution: Richmond University Medical Center--Staten Island NY

Routine use of intraoperative fluorescent cholangiography during robotic cholecystectomy minimizes risk of CBDI & decreases operative time

Presented by Thomas J Shaknovsky at the ET: Emerging Technology Session at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/18/2016 Keyword(s): 3DHD endoscope, CBDI, cholecystectomy, critical view of safety, CVS, cystic duct, Firefly, ICG, intraoperative fluorescent cholangiography, lap chole, robotic chole, triangle of Calot

Methods of reconstruction after TME

Presented by Feza Remzi, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS/ASCRS Symposium – Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer function & QOL after radical resection & sphincter preservation–32 sec issues–55 sec radical resection of rectal cx–4:36 end-to-end vs J-pouch–5:30 Keyword(s): 0 Prolene SH, 2-0 Vicryl, 3-0 Vicryl running suture, anal verge, anastomic leak rates, […]

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