Methods of reconstruction after TME


Presented by Feza Remzi, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS/ASCRS Symposium – Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer

function & QOL after radical resection & sphincter preservation–32 sec
issues–55 sec
radical resection of rectal cx–4:36
end-to-end vs J-pouch–5:30

Keyword(s): 0 Prolene SH, 2-0 Vicryl, 3-0 Vicryl running suture, anal verge, anastomic leak rates, anastomosis, Annals of Surgery, anterior resection syndrome, anus, ASCRS, babcock, BJS, bleeding, blood supply, bowel, coloanal anastomosis, colonic J-pouch, coloplasty, Colorectal Disease, colotomy, comparative study, consortium, constipation, controversy, DCR, defecation, dentate line, end-to-end coloanal anastomosis, end-to-end coloplasty-anal anastomosis, England, f/u, fecal incontinence, flatus, Florida, France, frequency, functional results, Germany, ileocolic artery, IMA, ISLCRS, laparoscopy, LAR, late clinical outcome, leak, left colic artery, left colon, level one evidence, Lonestar retractor, long-term functional outcome, M&M, mesentery, middle colic artery, midline, morbidity, mucosa, neorectal reservoir, obstruction, oversew, pancreas, pelvis, peritonitis, pilot study, pouch size, prospective randomized trials, QOL, radical resection, randomized multicenter trial, randomized prospective comparison, RCT, reconstruction, rectal cx, recurrence, reservoir, retroileal anastomosis, right colon, robot, seromuscular, serotomy, side-to-end coloanal anastomosis, side-to-end colonic J-pouch-anal anastomosis, Singapore, SMA, sphincter preservation, sphincters, splenic flexure mobilization, staple, staple line, stapled anastomosis, stapler gun, stoma, straight coloanal reconstruction, Sweden, taenia, TCP, tension, tissue planes, TME, transanal, urgency, window

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