Video Category: SS09: Colorectal II

Systematic Evaluation Of Decision-Making In Colorectal Cancer Tumour Board Meetings: Development And

S054 – S Shah, S Arora, G Atkin, R Glynne-Jones, P Mathur, A Darzi, N Sevdalis aim–24 sec introduction–31 sec multidisciplinary teams–1:05 tool development–1:24 conclusion–5:26 Q&A session–6:05 Keyword(s): ACS cancer program standards, anal cx, CRC, CRM, job satisfaction, MDT, NICE guidelines, quality assessment tool, rectal cx management conference, standardisation, tumour board meetings

Prevalence Of Residual Neoplastic Tissue After Endoscopic Resection Of Colonic Neoplastic Polyps: Co

S057 – M Bun, MD, L Pereyra, MD, E Grzona, MD, A Canelas, MD, C Fisher, MD, M Laporte, MD, C Peczan, MD, D Cimmino, MD, N Rotholtz, MD intro–10 sec study aim–1:27 study design–1:49 methods–1:56 outcomes measured–2:49 results–3:08 Q&A session–6:18 Keyword(s): adenomas, American Gastroenterological Association, colectomy, colonic neoplastic polyps, colonoscopy, curative, depth of invasion, […]

The Role Of Hand-Assisted Laparoscopy In The Age Of Single Incision Laparoscopy: An Effective Altern

S058 – Kyung Uk Jung, MD, Seong Hyeon Yun, MD, PhD, Yoon Ah Park, MD, Yong Beom Cho, MD, PhD, Hee Cheol Kim, MD, PhD, Woo Yong Lee, MD, PhD, Ho-Kyung Chun, MD, PhD overview–30 sec HALS–42 sec SILS–1:03 MIS–1:38 methods–2:20 demographics–2:39 conversion–2:52 SILS technique–3:13 procedural video–4:19 conclusion–6:48 Keyword(s): COLOR, conversion, COST, GelPort, HALS, LCS, […]

Multivariate Analysis Of Risk Factors For Wound Infection After Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

S053 – Joe Drosdeck, MD, Syed Husain, MBBS, Nilay Shah, MD, Andrew Suzo, BS, Alan Harzman, MD, Mark Arnold, MD background–18 sec objectives–48 sec methods–1:05 conclusion–4:40 limitations–4:55 Q&A session–5:16 Keyword(s): abscess, biologics, COPD, CRS, extraction site, fistulas, hand assistance, IBD, IH, immunosuppressants, intracorporeal anastomosis, LCS, midline incision, multivariate analysis, Pfannenstiel, SSI, steroids

Impact Of Training Systems In Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery. Comparative Analysis Of The Learning

S055 – M Galván, MD, E Grzona, MD, A Canelas, MD, M Bun, MD, M Laporte, MD, C Peczan, MD, N Rotholtz, MD background–13 sec http://www.n Keyword(s): advanced lap skills, advanced laparoscopy, American Journal of Surgery, Annals of Surgery, BJS, colonic resection, CR fellows, CR surgeons, general surgery residents, intracorporeal, lap sigmoid colectomy, […]

Quality Of Life Impairment After Endoluminal Loco-Regional Resection (Elrr) And Laparoscopic Total M

S056 – Emanuele Lezoche, MD, Bernardina Fabiani, MD, Alessandro M. Paganini, MD, PhD, Andrea Balla, MD, Annarita Vestri, MD, Lorenzo Pescatori, MD, Daniele Scoglio, MD, Giancarlo D'Ambrosio, MD, Giovanni Lezoche, MD LAR with TME–8 sec h Keyword(s): anterior resection, BJS, DCR, dehiscence, ELRR, endoluminal tx, EORTC, full thickness, glue, International Journal of CR […]

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