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Comparative Study Of Laparoscopic Revision Of Failed Gastric Banding To Sleeve Gastrectomy Versus Ro

S014 – Rodrigo Gonzalez, MD, Edwin Bran, MD, Fernando Montufar, MD disclosures–17 sec background–20 sec aim–1:10 methods–1:27 results–2:10 conclusion–5:30 Q&A session–6:01 Keyword(s): band slippage, dilated pouch, endoscopy, esophagus, EWL, fundus, gastric band, gastro-gastric plication, GJ, lap revision, LGB, LSG, pars flaccida technique, restrictive procedure, RYGB, staged procedure, staple line imbrication, UGI

Revisional Bariatric Surgery: Perioperative Morbidity Is Determined By The Type Of Procedure

S013 – Kishore Malireddy, MD, Ryan Phillips, BS, Evon Zoog, BS, Timothy Kuwada, MD, Keith Gersin, MD, Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, PhD disclosures–16 sec background–17 sec objective–36 sec methods–46 sec results–1:38 demographics–2:22 conclusion–5:04 Q&A session–5:34 Keyword(s): anastomotic leaks, COE, fundoplication, fundus, GT, LAGB, LSG, morbidity, revisional bariatric surgery, RYGB, VBG

Specimen Extraction After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: No Need To Bag It.

S012 – Eric Boyle, MD, Timothy Kuwada, MD, Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, PhD, Keith Gersin, MD disclosures–15 sec intro–27 sec objective–44 sec methods–51 sec procedural video–1:25 results–2:21 discussion–3:38 Keyword(s): CDC guidelines, COE, cost savings, Foundation for Surgical Fellowships, I&D, LSG, Obesity Surgery, perc drain, reimbursement, retrieval bag, ruptured specimen, specimen extraction, tip-stitch, World Journal of […]

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: An Efficacious Management Of Metabolic Syndrome In The Morbidly Ob

S011 – Joslin Cheverie, MD, FRCSC, Garth R Jacobsen, MD, FACS, Bryan J Sandler, MD, FACS, Juan S Barajas-Gamboa, MD, Manuel Valero, MD, Alisa M Coker, MD, C. Aitor Macias, MD, MPH, Mark A Talamini, MD, FACS, Eduardo Grunvald, MD, Santiago Horgan, MD, FACS disclosures–12 sec intro–19 sec objective–33 sec method–43 sec inclusion criteria–52 sec […]

Decreases In Activated Caspase-1 Levels Are Integral To Improvement Of Metabolic Profile After Lapar

S010 – S Nijhawan, MD, Diego Alvarez, MD, PhD, Jon Audia, PhD, William O Richards, MD overview–26 sec citation–1:04 hypothesis–1:25 methods–1:43 results–2:56 conclusion–4:31 Keyword(s): activated caspase-1 levels, CRP, Endocrine Reviews, FFA, HOMA-IR, IL-1b, inflammasome, lap bariatric surgery, lipid profile, LSG, metabolic profile, mitochondria, morbid obesity, NIH, NOD-like receptor proteins, pro-inflammatory cytokines, ROS, RYGB

Predictive Factors For Cholecystectomy In Bariatric Patients Undergoing Medically-Supervised Weight

S009 – Alan Berg, MD, Jean-Claude Gauthier, MD, Fatima Haggar, MPH, PhD, Tinghua Zhang, MSC, Robert Dent, MD, Jean-Denis Yelle, MD, Isabelle Raiche, MD, N'Gai Porte, MD, Joseph Mamazza, MD context–14 sec objective–44 sec methods–1:53 limitation–4:45 conclusion–5:19 Q&A session–5:43 Keyword(s): bariatric pts, biliary dyskinesia, CCX, cholelithiasis, gallstone formation, hypertriglyceridemia, predictive factors, US, weight loss

Baseline Glycated Hemoglobin Levels Predict Endobarrier-Induced Weight Loss In Morbidly Obese Patien

S008 – Rodrigo Muñoz, MD, PhD, Angelica Dominguez, Statistician, Cesar Muñoz, MD, Milenko Slako, MD, Dannae Turiel, RN, Cecilia Gómez, RN, Fernando Muñoz, MD, Fernando Pimentel, MD, Alan Sharp, MD, Alex Escalona, MD intro–14 sec results–1:35 conclusion–3:24 Q&A session–4:42 Keyword(s): bariatric surgery, DJBL, endobarrier-induced weight loss, EWL, glycated Hgb, glycemic control, HbA1c, morbidly obese, T2DM

Endoluminal Bariatric Surgery Post-Gastric Bypass

Frederico Moser, MD, Pablo Maldonado, MD, Veronica Gorodner, A. Alcaraz, MD, Lucio Obeide, MD case 1–31 sec case 2–3:56 conclusion–7:56 Q&A session–8:28 Keyword(s): Apollo OverStitch, EGD, endoluminal bariatric surgery, gastric remnant, GB, GGF, GJ, ORYGB, pouch enlargement, stoma reduction

Revision of Gastrojejunostomy for Stenosis

Ruby Gatschet, MD, Cyrus Moon, MD, Saber Ghiassi, MD, MPH, Keith Boone, MD, Kelvin Higa, MD Keyword(s): endoscopic dilation, gastric pouch, GJ, LRYGB, marginal ulcer perf, Roux limb, stenosis, upper endoscopy

Sleeve Gastrectomy in a Patient with Situs Inversus

Federico Moser, MD, Pablo Maldonado, MD, Veronica Gorodner, A. Alcaraz, MD, Lucio Obeide, MD clinical hx–6 sec situs inversus–22 sec preop eval–33 sec results–4:03 Keyword(s): CT, EWL, morbid obesity, SB follow through, SG, situs inversus

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