Video Category: Keynote Lecture

2013 Gerald Marks Lecture: A Blueprint for Quality and Patient Safety in an Era of Innovation

Presented by E. Christopher Ellison, MD, FACS objectives–4:44 citation–23:38 Keyword(s): ACS, chart review, clinical performance, emerging surgical technologies, Gerald Marks lecture, hand washing, innovation, NSQIP, pt safety, SCIP, SSI

SAGES 2013 Storz Lecture: The Shock of the New: The Innovators Role in Surgery

SAGES Past President Lee Swanstrom, MD gives the 2013 Karl Storz Lecture at the 2013 SAGES Meeting disclosures–4:28 innovation in surgery–9:22 disruptive innovation–9:52 citation–30:42 new model for innovation–33:43 htt Keyword(s): 510k, disruptive innovation, FDA, flex endo, incremental innovation, industry partners, medical devices, PMA, surgical technology

Karl Storz Lecture in New Technology: The Collaboration Paradox

John Abele, Co-Founder, Boston Scientific Corporation

Presidential Address: Those To Whom Much is Given, Much Is Required

Presented by: Jo Buyske, MD SAGES Go Global: Global Affairs and Humanitarian Efforts Keyword(s): ABS, FEMA, primary care, SAGES global affairs, SAGES international proctoring courses, SSAT, volunteer opportunities, WHO

Karl Storz Lecture: Blow the Whistle! Timeout for our Conflict of Interest Policies

Presented by David Rattner, M.D. disclosures–1:45 citation–3:39 IOM definition of conflict of interest–5:15 conflicts of interest we don’t disclose–5:46 fellowships–9:42 ability to influence–13:50 objective journalism–16:22 scholarly work or bias?–16:40 commercialism–18:10 sponsored research–21:26 industry sponsorship–24:30 scientific misconduct–25:10 marketing–27:09 FDA–30:12 CME–32:35 rational approach–35:51 Keyword(s): ABS, ACCME, ACGME, bariatric surgery, bias, […]

2010 Gerald Marks Lecture: The Making of a Surgeon, Revisited

2010 Gerald Marks Lecture presented by Richard H. Bell, M.D. at the 2010 SAGES Annual Meeting / World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery citation–8:03 characteristics of residency–9:17 Keyword(s): appy, general surgery education, general surgery program, Gerald Marks lecture, LVHR, making of a surgeon, operative experience, residency, resident education, simulator

2010 Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Lecture

Presented by Robert DiRaddo, Ph.D at the 2010 SAGES Annual Meeting / World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery Keyword(s): endoscopy, haptics, R&D, Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada, simulation, surgical oncology, surgical resident, touch feedback, VR systems

2010 Presidential Address: Everyone Knows Plan A – Its All About Plan B

Keynote Lecture: C. Daniel Smith, M.D. citation–17:15 Keyword(s): abdominal wall hernia, bioprosthesis, esophagectomy, foregut surgery, fundoplication, general surgery, HH, hiatal closure, mesh complications, prosthetic reinforcement, redo

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