Video Author: Morgenstern L

George Berci: Trials, Triumphs, Innovations

This documentary was produced by L. Michael Brunt, MD with Cine-Med and details the life and accomplishments of Dr. George Berci, one of the founding members of SAGES and modern endoscopy. early life–40 sec survival–1:33 Hungarian revolution–4:17 Australia years–5:10 citation–6:22 imaging & optics–7:30 Keyword(s): 1992 President of SAGES, 1992 SAGES Presidential address, 2011-2012 SAGES […]

Transductal CBD Exploration

Presented by Edward Phillips, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; CBD Stones Post Graduate Course overview–33 sec hx: tx of biliary disease–52 sec tx of choledocholithiasis–2:30 state of the bile duct:1900’s–4:38 challenge of bile duct stones–5:47 choledochoscopy–6:17 minimally invasiv Keyword(s): 12 atmospheres of pressure balloons, 2-stage clearance, 2.4 mm working channel, 25G Butterfly needle, 5 […]

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