Video Author: Hopkins H

George Berci: Trials, Triumphs, Innovations

This documentary was produced by L. Michael Brunt, MD with Cine-Med and details the life and accomplishments of Dr. George Berci, one of the founding members of SAGES and modern endoscopy. early life–40 sec survival–1:33 Hungarian revolution–4:17 Australia years–5:10 citation–6:22 imaging & optics–7:30 Keyword(s): 1992 President of SAGES, 1992 SAGES Presidential address, 2011-2012 SAGES […]

How do Videoscopes, Fiberscopes and Laparoscopes work?

Surgeon in the Digital Age Understanding Your Video System light source–2:36 light cable–4:35 fiber optic light cable–6:44 laparoscopes–8:20 three chip camera–11:57 creation of the video CCD–12:52 monitors–16:53 resolution–18:27 imaging chain–21:14 videoscopes–22:45 flexible endoscopes–24:49 image processor–26:05 summary–26:52 Keyword(s): 0 degree lens, 30 degree lens, adapter, auto focus, brightness, broadcast, bulb hours, camera, camera head, CCD, channel, […]

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