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Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Orbera

Title: Intragastric Balloons and Liners: Orbera Presenter: Jeff Allen, MD Session: Postgraduate Course: The Skinny on New Weight Loss Techniques AUDITORIUM SAGES 2016 Keyword(s): ASGE technology committee, BIB, BMI, bowel obstruction, deflation, dysmotility, endoscopists, endoscopy, epiglottis, esophagitis, EWL, Fitbit, gastric resection, gastric ulcer, GT, H2 blockers, HH, IGB, ileocecal valve, laparoscopy, laparotomy, LES, Magill forceps, […]

SAGES Top 21 Videos: Adjustable Gastric Band

Jeffrey Allen, MD GB placement–31 sec procedural video–56 sec choosing your band–4:29 summary–10:46 Q&A session–11:16 Keyword(s): Allergan band, band erosion, band failure, band slippage, bariatric surgery, gastric band, gastric prolapse, HH, imbrication, lap band, low calorie diet, MISS, morbid obesity, Nathanson retractor, Optiview, Realize band, single incision

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