Image Category: Hernia Surgery

Indiect sac mobilization TEP repair

Right groin dissection during TEP repair. The large indirect is completely mobilized

Direct Inguinal Hernia

Laparoscopic field — Laparoscopic view of a big direct Inguinal Hernia.

Indirect inguinal hernia sac

This is an image of an indirect inguinal hernia sac

Reduced right inguinal hernia

This is an image of incarcerated omentum reduced from a right inguinal hernia

Incarcerated right inguinal hernia

this is an image of a right inguinal hernia incarcerated with omentum

left preperitoneal inguinal space with mesh

This is the view after dissection in the left inguinal preperitoneal space with a lightweight anatomically shaped polypropylene mesh.

left preperitoneal inguinal space

This is the view of the anatomy of the preperitoneal space in the left inguinal area

Inguinal Hernia

Left inguinal hernia in 80 yo female

Incarcerated umbilical hernia

A 26yo man with ESLD and ascites 2nd to chronic hepatitis C who presented with a nonreducible umbilical bulge and small bowel obstruction. On exploration, a long segment of necrotic small intestine was removed. The patient recovered uneventfully. Hongyi C

Va Lap vs open trial

This is the cover page for NEJM lap vs open inguinal hernia trial

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