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CD perforation during IOC

In spite of the fact that IOC may help us to find CBD stones and clarify the exact anatomy, it may cause some complications like cystic duct perforation. It may cause post operative biloma if not diagnose intra-operatively.

Reduced right inguinal hernia

This is an image of incarcerated omentum reduced from a right inguinal hernia

Incarcerated right inguinal hernia

this is an image of a right inguinal hernia incarcerated with omentum

left preperitoneal inguinal space

This is the view of the anatomy of the preperitoneal space in the left inguinal area

Spaghetti Maneuver

Rolling long GB around the grasper Facilitate grasping and dissection in long Gall bladders. Especially useful in SILS.

Huge large Sliding Hiatal Hernia

Example of hudge sliding hiatal(esophageal) hernia. On the right side, this is forward and reflexed endoscopic view (Retrovision maneuver)in a patient demonstrating huge sliding hiatal hernia. On the left side, the laparoscopic view of the same patient.

Jejunal Diverticulitis

This is an image of jejunal diverticulitis that presented as a microperforation and peritonitis

Pantaloon Hernia

Image obtained during Laparoscopic Hernioraphy. This illustrates the TAP view of a left direct (black arrow) and indirect hernia (White arrow) in a man. Asterisk indicates spermatic cord vessels.

Direct Inguinal Hernia

Image obtained during Laparoscopic Hernioraphy.

Laparoscopy with a cystoscope

Young man stabbed in left lower chest. Peritoneoscopy to confirm full thickness abdominal wall or diaphragmatic injury.

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