Use of Chemical Components Separation for Primary Wound Closure in an Open Abdomen



Presented by Natasza M Posielski at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS11 Hernia

Natasza M Posielski, BS, Clayton C Petro, MD, Yuri W Novitsky, MD, Hooman T Soltanian, MD, Michael J Rosen, MD; University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Points of interest:
HPI–7 sec
hernia defect–2:15
additional CT views–5:37
3 weeks post op–6:05

Keyword(s): 2-0 Nylon retention sutures, 2-0 Nylon sutures, ABD wall rigidity, abdominal compartment syndrome, ABThera dressing, Adaptic, adjacent to the wound, administered, admission to ICU, albumin, anchoring attachments, applied, applied serially, bilaterally, BMI, Botox, chemical components separation, cholecystectomy, continuous pulling force, contralateral side, CT, decompressive laparotomy, decrease tension, defect, definitive skin closure, DermaClose device, diluted, discharged to home, entry to the ABD, epigastric pain, expand superficial tissue, exploration, exposed bowel, external oblique, failure to improve, fascia, fascial approximation, gallstone pancreatitis, Hartmanns procedure, HD, hemodynamically normal, hernia defect, HPI, improvement after closure, incision, injection sites, intent for skin closure, internal oblique, intubated, irrigation, lax, layers of the ABD wall, left colon, male, malnourished, markedly mobile relative to previous examination, mattress sutures, medialization, medications, midline, NaCl, necrosis of skin edges, needle, no signs of necrosis, obese, oliguric, open ABD, OSH, paralysis, paralytics, peripancreatic edema, PMH, post op, post op follow up, previous surgeries, primary wound closure, progressive medialization, prolonged endotracheal intubation, pus, reapplication of device, reasonable tension, rectus, removed, respiratory distress, resumed normal activities, resuscitation, rubber bolsters, secured with suture, sepsis, shoelace like pattern, SICU, skin approximation, skin graft, sponge and vaseline gauze, SQ tissue, superficial SQ tissue, superiorly, suture, tissue expander devices, tolerated feeds, tracheostomy, transferred, transversus abdominis, tube feeds, underlying bowel, US, vacuum suction, ventilator, vertical mattress, washout, wound vacuum dressing change

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