Transgastric Endo-Organ Resection of Proximal Gastric Lesion


Transgastric Endo-Organ Resection of Proximal Gastric Lesion

presented by Piyush Aggarwal, MD, at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS16 V036

Piyush Aggarwal, MD, Kulsoom Laeeq, MD, Angela Osmolak, MD, Tommy Lee, MD, Sumeet Mittal, MD; Creighton University Medical Cente

points of interest:
description of transgastric resection–11 sec
beginning of procedure–30 sec
HPI description–39 sec
insertion of balloon ports–1:13
injection of saline–1:30
resection of p

Keyword(s): 2-0 Vicryl suture, 3-0 barbed polysorb suture, 5mm balloon ports, balloon ports, biopsy, discharged, dissection, EGD, EGJ, endoscopy, endostitch device, epigastric pain, EUS, evaluation, full thickness 2-0 polysorb suture, gastric lumen, gastric polyp, gastric tumors, GEJ, Harmonic scalpel, HPI, hyperplastic polyp, injection of saline, insufflation, leak, lesion, lesser curvature, longitundinal fashion, male, mass, mouth, mucosa, NG tube, PO, post-op, proximal stomach, R/O, resection of polyp, Roth Net retriever, squamocolumnar junction, stomach distention, submucosa, submucosal plane, suspicious lesion, swallow study, transabdominally, transgastric laparoscopic technique, uneventful, unresectable

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