Totally Extra-Peritoneal Laparoscopic Repair Of A Femoral Hernia


Lee M Morris, MD, Melanie L Hafford, MD, Patrick R Reardon, MD

femoral hernia epidemiology–5:40
differential dx–6:06
pelvic anatomy diagram–6:14

Keyword(s): dissecting balloon, femoral adenopathy, femoral canal, femoral hernia, fundoplasty, GERD, groin hernioplasty, hernia defect, hernia sac, ileopubic tract, iliac vein, iliopsoas, incarcerated hernia, inguinal hernia, lacunar ligament, lap hiatal hernia repair, lap TEP repair, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, lightweight polypropolene mesh, myopectineal orifice, myopectineal space, preperitoneal space, saphenous varix, superior pubic ramus, titanium tacks

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