The medical approach to ulcerative colitis


Laparoscopic Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Technical Issues

Points of interest:
goals of therapy–25 sec
disease involvement at dx–1:26
ACG tx guidelines–1:58
maintaining remission in UC–10:31
ACG Treatment guidelines–17:05
toxicity associated with use of Cyclosporine–18:30
emerging therapies–18:53

Keyword(s): 6-MP, adherence, aminosalicylate, anti-CD3 antibody, anti-TNF, Azathioprine, balsalazide, bid, bone marrow toxicity, chemopreventive, corticosteroid, Crohs disease, Cyclosporine, disease severity, distal UC, dose related, dose-dependent, dysplasia, efficacy, enema, fatal tuberculosis, fulminant UC, GI intolerance, gram, hepatitis B reactivity, hepatotoxicity, immunomodulators, induction of remission, Infliximab, intolerance, leukopenia, lymphoma, maintenance of remission, Mesalamine, moderate disease, nephrotoxicity, oral therapy, pancreatiitis, placebo, proctitis, proctosigmoiditis, qid, QOL, rectal suppostitory, rectal therapy, severe disease, side effect profile, steroid dependency, steroid sparing effect, sulfasalazine, Tacrolimus, tid, topical steroid foams, topical therapy, toxicity, Visilizumab

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