The Medial Approach to the Splenic Flexure


The Medial Approach to the Splenic Flexure

presented by Christopher M Schlachta, MD, at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS15 V035

Christopher M Schlachta, MD, Syed T Ali, MD; CSTAR, London Health Sciences Centre

Points of interest:
Anatomy diagram–46 sec
trocar placement–1:10
identification of IMV–2:03
identification of plane of dissection–2:23
3 landmark identifications–3:00
incising peritoneum al

Keyword(s): assessment, blunt dissection, capsular injury, cranially, CSTAR, dissection window, dividing the peritoneum, division of IMV, exposure of splenic flexure, full mobilization, high ligation of IMA, inferior border of pancreas, inferior pole of spleen, lateral approach, left renal artery, lesser sac, ligament of Treitz, medial dissection, mesentery, middle colic vessels, omental detachment, open surgery, plane of dissection, posterior wall of stomach, preservation, proximal descending colon, resection of low rectal cancer, right colon, RLQ working port, RUQ trocar, sigmoid colon, small bowel, taking down splenic flexure, tissue planes, transverse colon, upward traction on the omentum, white line of Toldt

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