The Gravity of Acute Appendicitis in Pregnancy – Evaluation, management and compilations


Presented by Janey S.A. Pratt, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; MIS in Pregnancy

outline–17 sec
demographics–51 sec
presenting symptoms–2:23
lab data–3:25
differential dx–5:54
surgical management–6:29
lap appy–7:29
lap port placemen

Keyword(s): 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, abdominal pain, abdominal wall, abruptio placenta, acute appendicitis, American College of Radiologists, anorexia, antibiotics, appendiceal perf, appendix, appy, beta Hcg, case controlled study, classic presentation, complications, CT, demographics, diarrhea, differential dx, drain, dysuria, early dx, ectopic pregnancy, entry technique, evaluation, fecalith, fertility, fetal loss, fetal monitoring, fever, flatulence, gestation, graded compression, guarding, heartburn, Heparin, histology, hypercoagulable state, IBD, imaging, infectious colitis, IVC, left lateral decubitus position, leukocytosis, long term outcomes, malaise, management, maternal mortality, meta-analysis, MIS, MRI, N&V, non-perforated appendicitis, noncompressible, omentum, ovarian torsion, perf, peritonitis, port placement, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy, preterm delivery, prophylactic tocolysis, pyelonephritis, pyuria, radiation exposure, rebound, rectal tenderness, RLQ abscess, RLQ tenderness, round ligament pain, RUQ tenderness, S&S, safety, sensitivity, specificity, study skew results, surgical management, systematic reviews, total bilirubin, tubular blind end structure, US, uterine rupture, uterus, VTE prophylaxis, WBC

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