Semantics and Patient perceptions of emerging tech


Presented by David Urbach, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Symposium: Ethics of Innovation

technology: social understanding–6:28

Keyword(s): acute appendicitis, advancement, Angelchick prosthesis, Archives of Surgery, Australian, Boston Scientific, CBD injury, cholecystectomy, clinical use, Cochrane collaboration, Cochrane database of systematic reviews, colon resection, complications, conventional management, conventional tx, convincing evidence, death, decision making, device, DHHS, diet, discreet choice experiment, effectiveness, EGJ, emerging technology, endoscopically, endoscopists, Enteryx, esophageal function, ethics, Europe, evidence-based frame, FDA, gastric function, gastric outlet obstruction, gastric perf, GERD, Health Candada, health technology assessment, healthcare, innovation, intragastric ballooon, language, lap appy, laparocopic, lit review, market use, marketing, marketing frame, mediastinitis, medical tourism, multiport LC, muscular wall, NOTES, novelity, obesity, Ontario, perfs, polymer injection, primacy effect, progress, pt preference, public health notification, published lit, PubMed, recall, regulatory bodies, reliability, robotic colectomy, robotic-assisted procedure, safety, satiety, semantics, SILS, stomach, Surgical Endoscopy, surgical techniques, tracking, transgastric procedure, U.S., vomit, weight loss intervention

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