New/other therapies for GERD. Is it Primetime??


Presented by W Scott Melvin at the Panel: Program of the Americas – If I can do it, should I do it? during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Keyword(s): acid exposure, AGA, anesthesia, DeMeester score, dysphagia, endoluminal therapies, endoscopic, esophageal pH, esophagus, EsophyX, FDA, flatulence, fundoplication, GA, gas bloat syndrome, GEJ, GERD, heartburn, HH, incisionless surgery, LES, Linx reflux management system, Medigus, NF, PPI, Prilosec, reflux, regurgitation, RYGB, sedation, SG, stomach, Stretta, TEMPO trial, TIF, USG

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