Laparoscopic TME


Presented by Roger Motson, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS/ASCRS Symposium – Optimizing Outcomes in Rectal Cancer

how can we make TME better?–5 sec
after dx–33 sec
after imaging studies–1:53
hospital admissioin–3:45
enhanced recovery after surgery–5:13

Keyword(s): 30 degree laparoscope, A-P stapling, abdominal wall, advanced disease, ambulation, anaesthesia, angel hair plane, Annals of Surgery, Archives of Surgery, ASCRS, atraumatic forceps, bean bag, bleeding, blunt dissection, camera holder, cardiopulmonary complications, case controlled study, clinical care, Clinical Nutrition, clips, colonic resection, Colorectal Disease, colorectal surgery, colorectal team, consensus review, CRT, CT, death, Denmark, diathermy, diet, discharge, drain, early feeding, enhanced recover programme, enhanced recovery, epidural, ER, ERAS program, ergonomics, family doctor, fast track surgery, female, field of view, GA, general surgery, gonadal vessels, greater sciatic notch, Harmonic Scalpel, hospital admission, hospital stay, hypogastric nerves, IMA, IMV, ISLCRS, IV fluid restriction, lap surgery, lap TME, laparoscopy, lesser sac, liver, Lloyd-Davies positioin, LN, male, medial to lateral dissection, mesenteric vein, mesocolon, mesorectal dissection, mesorectal fascia, mesorectal plane, midrectal tumour, MRI, multicentre RCT, multidisciplinary teams, multimodal rehab, NGT, nurse led clinic, nurse specialists, oblique cross stapliing, on call, open surgery, operative technique, pancreas, pelvic brim, pelvic dissection, peri-op fluid restriction, periop fluid regimens, peritoneum, PET-CT, port placement, postop care, postop complications, pre-op tests, promontory, pt expectations, randomized assessor-blinded multicenter trial, recovery room, rectal cx, rectal muscle, resection margin, retraction, reverse Trendelenburg, SB injury, seminal vesicles, sharp dissection, splenic flexure, staple gun, staple line, stapler, supine, surgery admission, telescope, tissue healing complications, transection, transverse mesocolon, tumour, U.K., umbilicus, ureter

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