Laparoscopic restorative proctocolectomy


Laparoscopic Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Technical Issues

Points of interest:
technical challenges–49 sec
historical data–1:34
technical tips—4:04
number of incisions and ports for initial surgery–4:12
number of incisions and ports for simplified version of surgery–4:42
procedural video begins–6:33
mobilization of right colon–7:28
mobilization of rectum–9:45
division of rectum–12:21
exteriorization and colon resection–12:56
pouch creation & return of pouch–13:56
impact of dysplasia–14:23
exteriorization and pouch formation–15:17

Keyword(s): 5mm port, anal canal, BMI < or = 30, bowel continuity, broad ligament, cecum, Crohns disease, duodenum, dysplasia, exctraction incision, extracorporeally, hand assisted, hepatocolic, ileal anal pouch, ileostomy, ileus, inferior vena cava, J-pouch, laparoscopic colectomy, lateral to medial approach/dissection, lesser sac, mesentery, mucosa, mucosectomy, oncologic resection, peritoneal reflection, periumbilical incision, Pfannenstiel incision, presacral space, pubis, rectal dissection, rectocele, rectovaginal fistula, retroperitoneum, rigid proctoscope, RLQ port, sizer, small bowel mesentery, splenic flexure, staple line, stoma site, suprapubic, terminal ileum, transcutaneous stitch, Trendelenburg, ulcerative colitis, uterus

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