Imaging Techniques for Safe Dissection: IOC & other methods of biliary imaging


Presented by Brian R Davis at the PG Course: Preventing Bile Duct Injuries; Creating a Culture of Safety in Cholecystectomy at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/17/2016

Keyword(s): AC, acute cholecystitis, ampulla of Vater, ampullary, anomolies, BDI, bile duct injury, biliary, biliary peritonitis, bleeding, calculi, CBDE, CBDS, cholangiogram, cholecystocholangiography, clip, common bile duct exploration, common bile duct stones, critical view of safety, CT, CVS, cystic duct, dissection, ductal anatomy, ductotomy, duodenum, faculty, foregut injury, fundus, gallstone pancreatitis, hepatic duct, hepaticojejunostomy, hepatobiliary surgery, HPB surgery, ICG, imaging, imaging cholangiogram, infundibulum, IOC, laparoscopic ultrasound, learning curve, liver, LUS, mickey mouse, Mirizzis syndrome, morbidity, NIRF-C, obesity, occlusion, portal vein, program director, reconstruction, resident education, sclerotic gallbladder, stones, T-tube, triangle of Calot, US

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