Factors Affecting the Surgical Approach and Timing of Bilateral Adrenalectomy


Presented by Billy Y Lan at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS1 MIS/Solid Organ

background–33 sec
aim of study–50 sec
methods–59 sec
factors affecting approach for bilateral adrenalectomy–2:07

Keyword(s): adrenal tumors, aldosteronoma, bilateral adrenalectomy, BMI, body habitus, chevron incision, clinical data, concomitant, Cushingoid appearance, Cushings disease, demographic data, feasibility, gold standard, hospital stay, intra-op respiratory decompensation, invasion, laparoscopic approach, lateral transabdominal, locoregional spread, medical issues, metastatic disease, methods, minimally invasive approach, minor post-op complications, mobility, morbid obesity, mortality, non-Cushing patients, obese, open approach, operative data, operative outcomes, operative time, optimal surgical approach, outcomes, paraganglioma, patient demographics, pheochromocytoma, posterior retroperitoneal, prolonged operative time, removal, results, retrospective analysis, single institution, single stage, soft tissue, splenectomy, statistical model, supine, surgical approach, surgical technique, t-test, timing, trend over time, triage, tumor size, two-stage approach

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