Endoscopic Per-Oral Pyloromyotomy (POP)


Endoscopic Per-Oral Pyloromyotomy (POP)

presented by Eran Shlomovitz, MD, at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS4 V023

Eran Shlomovitz, MD, Christy M Dunst, MD, Radu Pescarus, MD, Ahmed Sharata, MD, Kevin M Reavis, MD, Lee L Swanstrom, MD; Providence Portland Medical Center, The Oregon Clinic

Points of interest:
gastroparesis described–9 sec
diagnostic EGD–54 sec
mucosal wheal–1:00
tunnel entry–1:23
submucosal tunneling–1:52
checking intraluminal view–2:53

Keyword(s): adherent, antegrade, apex, approximated, assessed, biliary extraction balloon, bleeding ulcer, bloating, checking intraluminal view, circular muscles of the stomach, clips, delayed gastric emptying, diagnostic EGD, discharged, dissection plane, duodenal aspect of the pylorus, duodenal mucosa, early satiety, electrocautery, endoscopic submucosal pyloromyotomy, endoscopic suturing device, esophageal achalasia, facilitate entry, FSIE, gastric emptying, gastric outlet patency, gastroparesis, greater curvature of the stomach, healed, hydrodissection, intractable symptoms unresponsive to medical treatment, junction of the areolar submucosal tissues, keyhole deformity, leak, longitudinal muscle layer, minimize risk of injury to the gastric mucosa, mucosal wheal, mucosotomy, mucosotomy sites, myotomy plane, natural orifice procedure, nausea, oral tube, POD, POEM, POP, postoperatively, PPI, present, pyloric ridge, pyloromyotomy, pyloroplasty, pylorus, reduce size, serosa of gastric wall, simple closure, spiraling, stomach, submucosal dissection, submucosal injection, submucosal tunnel, submucosal tunneling, submucosal tunneling technique, supine position, surgical options, tisse planes, tunnel entry, unintentional mucosotomy, upper GI study, visible, vomiting

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