Video Institution: Rush University Medical Center--Chicago IL

Case studies: Anatomy & preoperative assessment

Presented by Daniel J Deziel at the PG Course: Preventing Bile Duct Injuries; Creating a Culture of Safety in Cholecystectomy at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/17/2016 Keyword(s): preop assessment, preoperative assessment

Laparoscopic Completion Cholecystectomy After Prior Laparoscopic Subtotal Cholecystectomy: At Times a Necessary Evil?

Presented by Talar Tatarian at the SS28: Top Videos: MIS Potpourri Session at the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting on 3/19/2016 Keyword(s): abdominal pain, adhesiolysis, antegrade, bail-out procedure, BDI, bile duct injury, biliary dysfunction, CCX, cholecystectomy, cholecystitis, critical view of safety, CVS, cystic artery, cystic duct, dissection, duodenum, fenestrating subtotal cholecystectomy, gallbladder, hepatoduodenal ligament, inflammation, infundibulum, […]

The effect of tobacco use on outcomes of laparoscopic and open inguinal hernia repairs: A review of the NSQIP dataset

Presented by Mackenzie D Landin at the SS23: Resident and Fellow Scientific Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

MIS for colon disorders – diverticula and difficile

Presented by Joanne Favuzza at the Panel: MIS in Acute Care Surgery during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Imaging Techniques in Biliary Surgery

Dr. Daniel Deziel, MD overview–32 sec methods for intra-op bile duct imaging–40 sec IOCs–53 sec LUS–7:47 fluorescence cholangiography–9:48 conclusion–11:21 Keyword(s): BDI, bile duct imaging, CCX, fluorescence cholangiography, ICG, inflammation, IOCs, IVA, LC, LUS, Medicare, NIRFC, obesity, population studies

Deposition Defendant Surgeon vs Plaintiff Attorney

Deposition Defendant Surgeon vs Plaintiff Attorney Daniel Deziel, MD disclosures–4:54 agenda–4:56 undisputed facts–4:58 key issues of op report–12:14 deposition part 2: Surgeon’s counsel re-directing client–35:44 what can we learn?–39:55 what can you to to be ready?–41:03 pre-litigation–43:04 during litigation–44:19 depositions–46:16 Q&A session–48:17 Keyword(s): angiogram, BDI, biliary dyskinesia, biliary reconstruction, biliary tree, CCK HIDA scan, cholangiogram, […]

Diagnostic Yield of Laparoscopic Lymph Node Biopsy is Superior

Presented by Shaun C Daly, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS1 MIS/Solid Organ lymphoma dx–43 sec outcomes of study–3:10 Keyword(s): 30 day complication rate, 30 day readmission rate, adequate tissue ancillary tests yield, adequate tissue histologic dx yield, ancillary tests, benefit, benign, bx sample, case selection, cohorts, criteria, diagnostic biopsies, […]

Be it Resolved That It Is Time To Declare The Death Of Natural Oriface Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery

Presented by W. Scott Melvin, MD and David Rattner, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; The Great Presidential Debates of 2014 NOTES: Been there, done that presentation begins by Dr. W. Scott Melvin–2:41 group intelligence–3:56 access routes–5:36 clinical data–6:23 citation–7:12 Keyword(s): ablation, ABS, access routes, ACO models, advantages, adverse event reporting, AIDS, Annal of Surgery, […]

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