Video Author: Callery M

Panel: How Surgeons are Leading Change

Moderator: Mark Callery, MD Panelists: Jo Buyske, MD – Executive Director, American Board of Surgery John de Csepel, MD – Medtronic Deborah Nagle, MD – Ethicon Gen. Jonathon Woodson, MD – Former Asst. Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs This talk was recorded at the SAGES Leadership Development and Health Care Policy Program For Surgeons […]

The Promotion & Tenure Process

Presented by Mark Callery, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Career Development Symposium How do you advance?–1:12 Why is getting promoted important?–1:59 setting the stage–4:23 essential things to understand–5:36 institutional culture & mission–5:58 ranks, tracks & titles–7:02 Keyword(s): academia, academic community, academic freedom, academic medical center, academic worth, achievements, adminstration, advance, alignment, ambitious, […]

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