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A case of gastric GIST, underwent laparoscopic wide local excision with free margin.

Mobilization of the gastric tube

Mobilization of the gastric tube.

Attaching esophageal & gastric tube

Attaching the esophageal and gastric tube prior to mobilization.

Completed gastric tubularization

Completed gastric tubularization.

Construction of the gastric conduit

Construction of the gastric conduit.

Port placement for gastric mobilization

Port placement for gastric mobilization and tubularization.

The Pylorus

The pylorus is viewed from the gastric antrum. The endoscope is gently advanced while keeping the pylorus directly in the center of the visual field. Sometimes the pylorus will be observed to open and close. Position the endoscope ready to pass through th

Lateral traction on the splenogastric attachments

Once the lesser sac has been entered, lateral traction on the splenogastric attachments will allow exposure of the short gastric vessels. These can be clipped (as shown) or divided with the LCS. (Reprinted with permission from Salky BA, Edye M. Laparoscop

Trocar Placement

Trocar placements for distal pancreatectomy. These sites are proper for both splenic salvage and with splenectomy. There should be at least a hand’s breadth distance between trocars 1, 3, and 4. The trocar for the laparoscope should be above the umbilicus

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