Image Category: Fundamentals: Principles Of Tissue Approxim.

Extracorporeal knot

Extracorporeal knot. Bring a long suture into the laparoscopic field, leaving its tail outside the port. Place the stitch; then bring the needle end out through the same port. Create a Roeder knot by tying an overhand knot and then wrapping the suture tai

Equipment and Instrumentation

Pushing the needle head-on against tissue resistance.

Laparoscopic Suturing & Intracorporeal Knot Tying

Position of the surgeon for visual path coaxial alignment. Note the triangulation of camera and operating ports, which corresponds to triangulation of the surgeon’s eyes and two hands. The surgeon, target tissue, suture line, and monitor are aligned.

Eroded Mesh

This demonstrate a mesh that has partially eroded through the gastric pouch into the lumen of the stomach.

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