neoClose Review

by Hui Sen Chong, MD

neoClose was designed by neoSurgical to aid in closure of fascia at laparoscopic trocar sites. The kitconsists of an AccuGuide™ and two preloaded suture passers. The sutures are made out of braided polyglactin with absorbable AutoAnchors™ for deployment underneath the fascia, thus allowing for fascia approximation.

This fascia closure device is suitable for ports ranging from 5 to 15 mm in size. The proposed advantages in using this device include:

  1. Decreased incidence of trocar site hernias.
  2. Decreased tension in the fascia closure, thereby potentially decreasing the incidence of postoperative pain and/or tissue necrosis.
  3. Improved ease of fascia closure with maintenance of pneumoperitoneum, and elimination of the need for graspers or retrievers during fascia closure.

neoClose device

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