SAGES Special Projects and Initiatives

This area features the current SAGES projects and initiatives. We will have information on the Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery, the Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery, and Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy products as well as information on SAGES Research Grants, Career Development Awards, STEP, and the SAGES Go Global Project.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery™

Please go to the FLS Web Site for more information.

Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery™

Please go to the FES Web Site for more information.

Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy™

Please go to the FUSE Web Site for more information

STEP (Surgeons Training Endoscopic Proficiency)

Flexible endoscopy is increasingly central to the practice of general surgery. As many as 50% of practicing surgeons depend on colonoscopy and upper endoscopy for a substantial portion of their practice; conversely, many communities in the US and Canada rely on their general surgeon to provide access to essential endoscopic procedures. Finally, there is a natural evolution of surgical disease treatments towards less invasive alternatives which increasingly includes interventional flexible endoscopic alternatives to surgical approaches. Procedures such as common bile duct exploration, pancreatic pseudocyst drainage, colectomy for benign neoplasm, esophagectomy for Barrett’s disease and many others are no longer approached in a traditional surgical manner. As this list grows, surgeons will find themselves increasingly cut out of the treatment of these diseases unless they adopt interventional endoscopic approaches.

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SAGES Research Grants

SAGES is accepting applications for Research Grants until November 2, 2018. There have been changes and additions to the SAGES Research Grants, so please be sure to read the submission guidelines first.

SAGES Career Development Awards

SAGES is accepting applications for Career Development Awards now. Career Development Awards are for surgeons in training or a surgeon in his/her first five years of practice.

SAGES Global Affairs Initiative

Over the years, SAGES has grown from a society of 50 members to a society of over 6,000 members worldwide. Now that SAGES is a mature society, we would like to give back to the worldwide surgical community.

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Humanity Education Leadership Perspective Support

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