SAGES Advanced Laparoscopic Solid Organ-Foregut Surgery Resident Course

SAGES offers a series of courses on advanced laparoscopic procedures and techniques. The faculty will discuss indications and surgical techniques of those subspecialties. In addition to classroom didactics, each course involves an extensive laboratory experience.

Program Directors are invited to designate a surgical resident to participate in each course. Residents must be PGY 4 or 5 and must be a SAGES Candidate member to be accepted into Advanced Courses. Course announcements (which includes the registration links) for all SAGES resident courses are sent to all U.S. and Canadian program directors approximately 3 months prior to the course. Each program selects the resident to attend the course.

Course sponsor Ethicon Endo-Surgery covers the following: Travel to and from the course, ground travel at the course, lodging, meals, and course materials.

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