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SAGES 2014 Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah

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A Diary of a Laparoscopic Surgeon in Africa

Mohamed Seleem, dr. Cairo university. BACKGROUND: EGYPT feels the importance of giving support and building partnership with Nile basin Countries in their development path especially the medical field ACTIVITIES: the author was a team member 10 health convoys6 surgeons of different specialties - These convoys went to Nile Basin Countries All the convoys were on… Continue Reading

Laparoscopic radical lymphadenectomy with complete mesocolic excision for advanced ascending colon cancer near the hepatic flexure

Dai Uematsu, Gaku Akiyama, Kouji Yamamoto, Akiko Magishi, Takehiko Sugihara. Saku Central Hospital. Background: Complete mesocolic excision has translated into lower local recurrence rates and better overall survival in colon cancer patients. For cancer of the hepatic flexure of the colon, roughly 5% of lymph nodes over the head of the pancreas are positive. We… Continue Reading

A Comprehensive Process for Disclosing and Managing Conflicts of Interest Reduced Perceived Bias At the SAGES Annual Meeting

Steven C Stain, MD, Erin Schwarz, Phillip Shadduck, MD, Paresh Shah, MD, Sharona B Ross, MD, Patricia Sylla, MD, Yumi Hori, C D Smith, MD. Albany Medical College, Albany, NY; BSC Management, Los Angeles CA; Duke Regional Hospital, Durham NC; New York University, NY NY; Florida Hospital Tampa, Tampa FL, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA,… Continue Reading

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