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March 7 – 10, 2012
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Clinical Experience With a Hands-free Internal Liver Retractor in Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery

<Objective>Endolift (Virtual ports, Richmond, VA) is a new liver retracting device. It is characterized by an internal and hands-free retractor, which does not require an additional port and anchoring to any external device that limits the patient’s position and adds clutter to the operating table. It also enables us to get comparable or better exposure… Continue Reading

Pre-op Alcohol Abuse Prevalence Among Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Omar Y Kudsi, MD, Karen Huskey, MPH, Shannon Grove, BA, George L Blackburn, MD PhD, Daniel B Jones, MD, Christina C Wee, MD MPH. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School   BackgroundIt has been hypothesized that alcohol metabolism is altered after weight loss surgery (WLS) with few studies suggesting a high prevalence of… Continue Reading

A Clinical Study On Postoperative Endoscopic Appearance of Anastomosis Early After Esophagectomy.

Yujiro Tanaka, MD, Katsunori Nishikawa, MD, Fumiaki Yano, MD, Jun Asakura, MD, Tomoyoshi Okamoto, MD, Hideyuki Kashiwagi, MD, Katsuhiko Yanaga, MD. Dept. of Surgery, Daisan Hospital, Jikei University School of Medicine?, Tokyo, Japan   (Background and Aim) Esophagectomy and esophagogastrectomy are major operations with high mortality and morbidity, for which anastmotic leakage of esophageal substitute… Continue Reading

View all SAGES 2012 Abstracts and Posters