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March 7 – 10, 2012
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Laparoscopic Band and Gastric Imbrication (ilap)

Armando Ramirez, MD, Guy Voeller, MD, George Woodman, MD. University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis    The Lap Band is an effective weight loss procedure. Coupled with an imbrication of the fundus and body of the stomach, weight loss results may be enhanced. This is accomplished by reducing gastric capacity and promoting early satiety.… Continue Reading »

Robotic Versus Open Rectal Resection for Cancer: A Comparative Analysis of Oncological Safety and Short-term Outcomes in 164 Patients

Paolo Pietro Bianchi, MD, Wanda Petz, MD, Bruno Andreoni*, Pr, Antonio Chiappa*, MD, Emilio Bertani*, MD, Lorenzo Casali, MD, Daniele Belotti, MD, Matias Parodi, MD. Unit of Minimally-Invasive Surgery, * Division of General Surgery, European Institute of Oncology   Introduction. Minimally invasive surgery of the rectum for cancer has not still become a standard of… Continue Reading »

Feasibility of Single Site Laparoscopic Surgery for Colorectal Cancer

Ichiro Takemasa, MD PhD, Junichi Nishimura, MD PhD, Tsunekazu Mizushima, MD PhD, Masataka Ikeda, MD PhD, Hirofumi Yamamoto, MD PhD, Mitsugu Sekimoto, MD PhD, Yuichiro Doki, MD PhD, Masaki Mori, MD PhD. Department of Gastroenterological Surgery, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University   Introduction Single site laparoscopic surgery through the umbilicus is an emerging concept… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2012 Abstracts and Posters