SAGES 2009

April 22 – 25, 2009
Phoenix, Arizona

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Endoscopic Findings in Patients with Upper Gi Symptoms After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

INTRODUCTION: Upper endoscopy (UE) is essential in the diagnosis and treatment of complications after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB). Patients who have undergone RYGB present with a variety of functional (nausea, pain, and reflux) as well as obstructive (vomiting and dysphagia) symptoms. The primary aim of this study was to correlate symptoms and endoscopic findings with… Continue Reading »

Should All Excised Rectal Polyps Be Tattooed? A Plea for Localization

Deborah Keller, MD, Jane Jaffee, DO, Amit Khanna, MD MPH. Temple University Hospital   Five to eight percent of colonoscopically removed benign rectal lesions contain invasive carcinoma. Rectal tattooing has been advocated for follow-up localization of the resection site. Despite proven benefits, tattooing is not routinely performed on benign appearing rectal polyps. Our hypothesis was… Continue Reading »

Minimally Invasive Functional Abdominal Wall Reconstruction: A New Paradigm in Ventral Hernia Repair.

Laparoscopic ventral hernia repair has resulted in significant reduction of wound complications as compared to standard open techniques. However, the current laparoscopic approach requires bridging of an adynamic sheet of prosthetic material. This can result in paradoxical abdominal wall motion during straining. Abdominal wall bulging and a poor functional and cosmetic outcome can result in… Continue Reading »

View all SAGES 2009 Abstracts and Posters